install cpanel
25 May

cpanel is one of the most preferred control panels on linux for system administrators , that’s why we are going to cover how to install Cpanel on Linux. so let’s start 🙂 before we dive into installation process there are some prerequisites to consider: in order to use Cpanel your server must have an public […]

How to Fix Error 500
17 Dec

HTTP status codes provide information about whether an online request was successful, and if not, what the error is. But the error messages aren’t always clear. This is especially the case for the “500 Internal Server Error.” This message indicates that an error has occurred during connection to the server and that the requested page […]

Database Cpanel
14 Dec

A MYSQL database is an organized collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system ، The MySQL user is a record in the MySQL server created for authentication purposes. This is different from the usernames you use in logging into Windows or even in your cPanel/WHM. Setting up a MySQL user […]

Cpanel Redirect
13 Dec

A redirection occurs when a web server redirects a visitor from one web page to another web page. A common use of redirection is to create shorter, easy-to-remember URLs that redirect to longer URLs. Another use is to redirect visitors from old pages on a web site to newer, updated web pages.   Adding a […]