adobe connect server
22 Jul

Adobe connect server is another online platform for holding classes and meetings like BBB that are available at avanetco. adobe connect can be installed on windows and is so many admin’s choice to maintain. adobe connect server can be installed in a cluster or as a stand alone server. to prevent complications we cover the […]

deceptive site error
16 Jul

Nowadays all most all browsers have anti malware and anti phishing enabled by default. so once a website is blacklisted by google , users will see the page below so in this post we will explain about Deceptive site ahead error. most pages that are infected are none hackers basically normal users who have website […]

ssh into a linux
25 May

In this article we are going to cover how to connect to a server weather it is a physical or a Virtual server you can .  connect to it from anywhere around the globe through SSH. so lets get to how to SSH into a linux server if you are using a linux-unix base sever […]