deceptive site error
16 Jul

Nowadays all most all browsers have anti malware and anti phishing enabled by default. so once a website is blacklisted by google , users will see the page below so in this post we will explain about Deceptive site ahead error. most pages that are infected are none hackers basically normal users who have website […]

Install free SSL on PLesk
14 Jul

As we discussed in an earlier post about importance of using an SSL in a website we are going to seen how to install free ssl on plesk, the biggest control panel company that is increasing in number of users each day . to install free ssl on plesk first log into your hosting account […]

install plesk
25 May

In the series on how to install control panels we are going to cover install Plesk on Linux and windows. Plesk in oppose to other control panels can be installed on both linux and windows As you ay know plesk bought cpanel some years ago and as this company is now one of the biggest […]

How to Fix Error 500
17 Dec

HTTP status codes provide information about whether an online request was successful, and if not, what the error is. But the error messages aren’t always clear. This is especially the case for the “500 Internal Server Error.” This message indicates that an error has occurred during connection to the server and that the requested page […]