How to connect to remote desktop

Publish : 2022 May 25 3269 view Cat : AVANETCO + VPS + Windows
connect to remote desktop
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In this article we are going to cover a simple yet so practical job on how to connect to remote desktop. when a user buys a VPS or a dedicated server depending on their OS they need to remote to that server as well as console connection.

remote desktop connection is a general word that in IT industry usually refers to starting a connection over internet to a windows OS.

to connect to remote desktop you need to have two things: first your server IP address and the port. by default the port is 3389 and if this default port is not changed for security reasons by your hosting provider then you do not to need to add any thing else

remote desktop

but if the port is changed then you need to provide your IP address and the port like this ip:port for exmp:

on a windows server press win+r and to open run and then type mstsc. when the new window opens type your ip.

connect remote desktop

if all the configurations are right including firewalls and anti-viruses on both sides then you sould be prompted to provide login credentials which is a username and password  given to you by your admin


after typing the info you should see a certificate warning window and click on accept to connect to server

remote desktop certificate

if you received an error during these steps then you need to check your connection to the server by ping or tracert and if the connection was ok then you should check ports and isp or os filters that could interfere with the connection

after making sure that there is no restrictions on your side then you can contact the hosting providers and check microsoft website for common errors.