how to install Plesk on Linux and windows

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install plesk
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In the series on how to install control panels we are going to cover install Plesk on Linux and windows. Plesk in oppose to other control panels can be installed on both linux and windows

As you ay know plesk bought cpanel some years ago and as this company is now one of the biggest in the market their growth is actually quite impressive with regular short period updates , a user friendly interface and bug fixes so fast . a great support and documentation.

you can install plesk with automatic process but we are going to go a little bit deeper to customize the features we need.

install plesk on linux:

SSH to your server and download the installation package:


you need to give execution permission to this file :

chmod +x plesk-installer

now you can continue on web console or command base.

web console in accessible in https://your-ip-address:8447 and you need to provide root credentials also you should have port number 8447 open in your firewall.

install plesk

as web installation is pretty easy we are going to continue with command so run the package :


press f to go forward on each step you can choose which packages to install and omit the ones you do not need

install plesk on windows:

down the exe file from this link and then run cmd and type:

plesk-installer.exe --select-product-id=panel --select-release-latest

now like the previous methods above you can continue installation

install plesk on windows

after installation is over the web console as at https:IP:8443. accept any ssl security warning for this certificate is self-signed thus browsers do not recognize it.