nslookup practical commands

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Anyone working in IT industry has at least of experience with DNS request failure which can be quite disturbing in this post in the continuous series of Avanetco blog we are going to check nslookup commands as a great way to deal with that problem.

nslookup is used to query a dns server that works on both linux and windows servers which gives us information we need about a name server if it is authorative or not and a particular record if you wish so. in linux if you do not have that command by default install bind-utils package.

A common scenario that nslookup is pactical is when you have set a new ns on your domain or changed its name servers. now we know that almost all servers in internet have ttl of 4 to 24 hours, meaning it will take this period for changes to take place.

but once you are sure your domain status is active and not in client/server hold and this amount of time has passed then you need to check your name server and see if it responds to your requests:

nslookup command

if you receive a query refused it means either your name server is out and not working properly or your domain address does not exist in its zones.

server address_of_ns

another practical command is when you are looking to see if a particular record exists in ns let’s say you wanna know if mx record is generated for your mail server to troubleshoot that.

server test.com
set type = mx
domain name

nslookup commands