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Linux VPN Setup

Installation Guide v1.0.0

Setting up your VPN under Linux Guide Setting up access under Linux is simple. The following instructions go step by step through the creation process.

STEP 1 Open Network Manager: From the desktop, click on the Network Manager Icon in the top tight hand corner, click on VPN Connections and Configure VPN.

If you can’t see the Network Manager icon, you can open network manager by clicking on System > Preferences > Network Configuration and then click on the VPN tab.

STEP 2: When the VPN Connection window is displayed, click on Add to create the new connection

STEP 3 Choose the connection type: Ensure the connection type is PPTP and click Create.

STEP 4 Enter VPN Account Details: In the gateway field, enter one of the AVANETCO servers address sent to you via email. In the Connection name field, enter AVANETCO. Enter your user-name and password sent to in your registration email.

STEP 5 Advanced Settings: Select the option of MSCHAPv2. Check the box labeled Use Point to Point encryption (PPTP) and then click OK. Click OK again to save the VPN.

STEP 6 Connect to the AVANETCO: Now start the VPN connection by clicking on the Network Manager Icon again, select VPN Connections and click on the new connection you have created named AVANETCO.

STEP 7: You will get to see this message as soon as your connection is established. You will also notice an icon in the taskbar indicating that the VPN is now connected.