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L2TP IPSec Ubuntu VPN Setup

L2TP/IPSec tutorial for Ubuntu v12.04

Setting up AVANETCO connection under L2TP/IPSec Ubuntu v12.04 is simple. The following instructions will take you through the setup creation process step–by–step.

Step 1: Before you start , please add following required repository to your os :

* apt-add-repository ppa-wener
* jaeger/ppa-werner-vpn
* apt-get update
* apt-get install l2tp-ipsec-vpn
* reboot

Step 2:  Right click on the icon in the notification area, and go to ‘Edit connections’

Step 3:  Authenticate as root.

Step 4:  Choose "AVANETCO” as a name for the VPN

Step 5:  IPsec configuration:

    •Remote server: The ip address of the VPN server
    •Use pre-shared key for authentication: 1020304050

Step 6:  L2TP Configuration:  Select Length bit

Step 7:  PPP configuration:

    •Select only CHAP authentication and enter the User name and the password as provided by AVANETCO
    •Click on OK

Step 8:  Connecting to the VPN: Go to the icon in the notification area and click on AVANETCO, wait for a couple of seconds and you must be connected to the VPN.
This tutorial is the courtesy of Phillip Bailey