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Android L2TP VPN

Android VPN Setup L2TP

Setting up AVANETCO VPN access under Android is simple. The following instructions will guide you through a manual connection of the AVANETCO VPN service on Android machines.

STEP 1: Go to the "Settings" tab.

STEP 2: Under "Settings" tab click "More Settings"

STEP 3: On the next window click "VPN"

STEP 4: Under VPN click "Add VPN Network"

STEP 5: Next screen will ask you for VPN "Name" write "AVANETCOVPN"

STEP 6: In "Type" choose your connection type L2TP/IPSeC PSK.

STEP 7: In the ” Server Address” put Server Address as provided by AVANETCO VPN .

STEP 8: In "IPSec pre-shared key" field enter the key "1020304050"

STEP 9: In this screen, click "AVANETCOVPN L2TP".

STEP 10: Put "Username" and "Password" provided by AVANETCO VPN and click "Connect"

STEP 11: You are now connected. Enjoy Pure Freedom!