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Mac PPTP VPN Setup

Installation Guide for Mac - PPTP VPN Setup

Setting up AVANETCO vpn access under MAC is simple. The following instructions will guide you through a manual connection of the AVANETCO service on Mac machines.

STEP 1: Go to "System Preferences"

STEP 2: Click "Network"

STEP 3: Click "+" at bottom left

STEP 4: Click on drop down menu

STEP 5: Select VPN

STEP 6: Select PPTP


STEP 8: Put server address of your choice from your configurations email. is only for demonstration purpose. Also insert your username provided in configurations email. Click on "Authentication Settings" Note : If you are connecting to Optimum Security servers, you will need to set Encryption to NONE

STEP 9: Insert your password as provided in configurations email.Hit OK

STEP 10: Click "Apply". Then Click on "Advanced.."

STEP 11: Check "Send all traffic over VPN connection".

STEP 12: Hit OK

STEP 13: Click on "Apply"

STEP 14: You are done. Click on "Connect"

STEP 15: It will connect and screen will turn like this.