How to extend partition in windows

Publish : 2022 Aug 06 1686 view Cat : AVANETCO + VMware + Windows
extend a partition in windows
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To extend partition in windows you have to add the amount of desired capacity and then considering windows limitations for extending a new partition decide which way to add it. we have also covered this topic for linux as well.

increasing capacity can be done two ways you can extend an existing volume or add a whole new disk:

  1. adding a new disk : a new disk (physically or virtually) is added to server thus it is used as a new drive.
  2. extending a partition: this is used when you are adding some capacity to a drive usually the scenario in virtualization where you can customize disk size.

so to extend partition in windows on a  virtual machine first right click on that machine (already powered off) and then enter the new size for that hard disk once you start the machine follow the steps below:

remember to extend partition in windows your new space must be next to the partition you wish to extend look at the picture below

extend partition

extend partition in windows server

Once you’ve added the new capacity there are changes on os that should take place open run and type diskmgm.msc

in this console select action and rescan hardware. you should see the new capacity now. click on bring online and then initialize disk

extend partition in windows

now right click on it and run new partition wizard or extend volume.